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  About BSMART  
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BSMART Telematics System

What is b’TS?

BSMART Telematics System, provides a wireless integrated in vehicle services for Commercial Vehicle, Private Vehicle, Public Transport as well as Institutional Vehicle:

b'TS is a combination of:


    The BSMART Access Terminal is the world’s first, introducing a device to the market place that has concurrent GPS and PSM positioning capabilities, two integrated processors and an internal power source.
  • The Terminal is powered by Front End Technology (FEI), a comprehensive embedded technology that is equipped with necessary artificial intelligence to mimic human intelligence in decision-making for quicker response, better accuracy and less dependence on a backend server.
  • RM 1,000,000.00 Product Reliability Coverage globally.
  • Key features:
    • Support 9-36Vdc Vehicle
    • 64bits Digital Driver Recognition
    • Trailer Recognition (If applicable)
    • Remote Immobilization in accordance to the UN Immobilization Regulation Recommendation
    • Car Alarm Integration
    • Single button Dynamic Voice Dialling
    • 2 ways managed messaging (Voice/SMS) Capability
    • Wireless Connectivity via GSM/GPRS
    • GPS data output for Real Time GPS Navigation 
    • Multiple Dynamic Embedded Dynamic Invisible Geo-fencing
    • Multiple Dynamic Embedded Cross-boundary Geo-fencing
    • Multiple Predefined Embedded Check Stop Points
    • Multiple Predefined Embedded Expressway Exit Check Points
    • Dynamic Embedded Idle Time Monitoring
    • Embedded Journey Report
    • Dynamic Embedded Traffic Offend Monitoring (Speed, Brake, Acceleration, Hours of Services Violation & etc)
    • Audible 95dBm buzzer (Optional)
    • Bluetooth Enabled (optional)
    • SMS Inquiries for Real-time:
      • Vehicle location in text with satellite images
    • SMS Alerts
      • Dynamic Geo-Fencing Violation
      • Driver Exception (Speed, Brake, Acceleration, Hours Of Services & etc) Violation
      • Maintenance Reminder
      • Device tempering
      • Vehicle battery tempering
    • Technical Specification (Appendix b’AT Product Spec):

    • b’DT is a device designed to enhance  Carrier Operation efficiency in which drivers use it to receive messages, job instruction and communicate current job status to their supervisor/fleet operations manager.
    • Key features:
      • Large 240X64 Graphic LCD (FSTN technology at contrast ratio of 7:1) with LED backlight
      • Elastomer technology keypad with Backlight for all keys
      • 12 alpha numeric & numeric keys (similar to mobile phones) plus 6 function keys with a special navigation knob
      • Integrated Driver Access Control
      • Bluetooth enabled (Optional)



    • b'MSP is an Integrated Wireless Service Platform that capable to support up to 1,000,000 BSMART Access Terminal (b’AT) with 99.5% up time guaranteed.
    • It is Microsoft Certified Product for Windows Server 2003 as well as Windows MS SQL 2000 Server
    • b’MSP consists of multiple servers include but not limited to:
      • BSMART Communication Servers (b’GATE) designed as dedicated communication channel to:
        • GSM Modem Bank
        • SMSC
        • GPRS IP Server
      • BSMART Management Console (b’MC) designed for services content management of:
        • Administration Centre
        • Information Centre
        • Configuration Centre
        • Command Centre
        • Reporting Centre
        • Control Centre
        • GIS Centre
        • Bus Centre
        • Taxi Centre
        • Messaging Centre
        • Task Centre
        • Monitoring Centre
        • OEM Centre
      • BSMART Database Servers (b’DS) is where the central database was hosted
      • BSMART Internet Geographical Information Server (b’IGIS) provide State of Art Internet Satellite Map Services for both desktop as well as Mobile Phone
      • BSMART Reporting Agents (b’RAS) hosted various real time reports for better In Transit visibility of the fleet movement. Beside that, it also covers KPI monitoring reports.
      • BSMART Computer Aided Dispatching and Scheduling Server (b’CADS) is designed for support Fleet Operation offering real time Job Order over Web as we as Mobile Phone.  
    • In short, b'MSP is a web-enabled platform, catering for anywhere and anytime access through the synergy of the following components:
      • Data Storage
      • Intelligence & Logic
      • Security
      • Connector
      • Messaging
    • Key features:
      • Integrated Vehicle Operation Services
      • Provide real time Messaging, Notification and Broadcasting
      • Advanced Satellite Mapping
      • Real time Vehicle Tracking
      • Multiple Layers Administrative Control
      • Remote Control and Monitoring
      • Insightful Reports Automation
      • Seamless Global Roaming for BSMART Telematics Services
Managed b’TS Strategy?
BSMART Managed b'TS Strategy is:
  • First is to AUTOMATE existing manual process flow by computerization,
  • Next to INTEGRATE various existing standalone system into integrated services
  • Finally to MOBILIZE existing web enable systems to ensure business continue anytime, anywhere and even they are on the move 

Why b’TS?

  • BSMART offers complete telematics system b'TS that come with an integrated wireless platform and necessary telematics device for immediate implementation of dynamic in vehicle services.
  • We provide EXCELLENT technical and engineering support and maintenance
  • Min. 12 months historical data backup
  • Monthly data archive
  • Secured data and application handling
  • 99.5% Services Availability

What do you get from b'TS?
Depending on the package that fits your needs and budget, you'd be getting:

  • Unlimited Telematics services and offering
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • 24x7 Telephone, Email and On-site Support
  • Unlimited upgrading support and maintenance
  • 1-to-1 faulty product replacement
  • ICT infrastructure management
  • Data center hosting and management
  • Classified individual database management
  • Unlimited user and multi level security access to BSMART system
Service principle
b'TS is a service program based on subscription. The core value lies in providing our customers with peace of mind as far as mobility technology is concerned with a complete system and support, low upfront investment and, more importantly, no hidden cost.

This outsourcing model is bundled with On-board GPS/GSM Terminal, Mobile Driver Terminal, Support, Maintenance, Upgrade, Commercial Vehicle Telematics Services and Backend Applications & Servers.

The intent is for our customer to leverage on BSMART as the strategic technology partner. BSMART believes that b'TS will save our customers all the hassle of technology upkeep while avoiding complex maintenance.

We also allow them to focus on their core competencies and business services in satisfying its customer needs. At the same time, this cost effective approach provides the opportunity to improve communication and information sharing between our customers and their suppliers. This, we believe, will improve integration while providing excellent service quality.


Bnefits of b'TS

  • Enhance Operation Effectiveness
  • Manage Communication Cost
  • Improve Customer Services
  • Reduced Operation Cost
  • Increase Driver Productivity
  • Fraud Prevention


  • Ability to Focus on Core Competencies
  • Improve Share Holder Confidence
  • Productivity Improvements due to Process Streamlining
  • Inculcation of Best Practices and Processes
  • Improved Speed to Market

How do you benefit from b'TS?
BSMART believes that b'TS is a revolutionary commercial model to improve time and speed to market for the benefit of both our partners and customers. Furthermore, b'TS's capability to shoulder the burden of making sure technology is up-to-date while guarding against business losses can be extremely appealing to businesses. This is done through our constant offering of goods and services in an efficient manner.

By minimising financial risks while attaining operation efficiency and effectiveness can drastically lower the total costs of ownership and hence the risk factor as a viable financing model - especially for small businesses and start-ups. It is also appealing as an incentive to large companies for both trial and low-risk solutions to their existing problems. This is the way of the future because this is a risk-averse and cost-effective alternative to a complete system which is more attractive to companies with thousands of employees and offices all over the world.

With this ready-to-roll model, our channel partners can also provide b'TS services by leveraging our proven Telematics capabilities, incorporated in a managed service that can help increase sales efficiency and effectiveness, deliver high-quality customer service and manage marketing campaigns and activities.