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  About BSMART  

Our Vision

To be a WORLD CLASS INNOVATOR of Mobility Solutions
It's no longer enough to simply keep up with customers’ expectations. Now the demand is having the ability to strive CONSISTENT EXCELLENCE in anticipating the needs to deliver solutions as they emerge 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Paramount to overcoming these challenges is aligning our functionality with our customer’s processes. And the first step is the unhindered flow of mission critical information to wherever our customers are, and at whatever time they need it. That's the new model of commerce, the new face of doing business in the future. And for any business to move at the speed of business, mobility and connectivity offering solutions based on locality and sensibility are vital.

The key to a mobile future lies in adopting an entirely new way of thinking. These new concepts motivated BSMART Technology to revolutionise mobility. To realise this vision, BSMART Technology brings the

knowledge and skill-sets to transform the power and depth of desktop applications into highly functional mobility solutions. By doing so, you are finally given the control to define when and how to communicate and the access to define your own mix of applications so that any business will have all the information and tools available wherever you choose to work from, in real time no less.

By revolutionising mobility, BSMART Technology provides the springboard for businesses to elevate current service levels while retaining total command and control over day-to-day business operations, no matter where you are.

Our Mission

Strives for CONSISTENT EXCELLENCE in everything we do and to exceed the right customer’s expectation.

BSMART Unique Successful Factors

  • Innovative, reliable and complete product & solutions
  • Affordable total cost of ownership
  • Efficient service delivery
  • High quality customer service and support
  • Excellent relationship and experience beyond expectation