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What does it mean by "built with Front End Intelligent & powered by 16 bit DSP (what does DSP stands for) with capability to process 32 MIPs? Please explain the advantage of these features.

Please explain layman's term if we were to employ a re-possessor, what is the extra device he needs to purchase to be disconnected from the system and to increase his efficiency?

Can you explain further on the anti-theft device?

What is the difference between CVO and Anti-theft?
What does it mean by "built with Front End Intelligent & powered by 16 bit DSP (what does DSP stands for) with capability to process 32 MIPs? Please explain the advantage of these features.

“Built with Front End Intelligent” is referred to b'AT, which is fitted in the vehicle, that has the capability to make decisions based on parameters that we configured. For instance: 


If we configured the maximum travelling speed of the vehicle to 110km/h, the b'AT will automatically report to control center if vehicle travelled above 110km/h.

When vehicle ignition is turned off, the b'AT will be enabled to calculate its position. If vehicle is moved away from a parked position, the b'AT would automatically send an alert to the control center.
And if the vehicle is moved across the Malaysian boundary, then the b'AT will send an alert to the control center.

As the above involves complex mathematical calculations, we need a powerful processor to perform it at very high speed so that b'AT can monitor and detect all exceptions in real time (immediate or within <1ms). In order to achieve that, we have chosen a type of processor designed to perform fast mathematical calculations named Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that is capable to process 32MIP (32 millions instruction/calculation within 1 second).

DSP is a processor designed to perform ultra fast mathematical calculations. It is much superior to those low cost generic processor or microcontroller.

  a) What is Embedded Dynamic Invisible Geo-fencing?

What it means is a boundary (area) that is reconfigured (anytime) in the b'AT to prevent vehicles from "moving into" or "coming out from". As these boundaries are configured within the b'AT, they are not fraudulent, unlike other vendors where those boundaries are configured at backend which can easily be fraudulent.

  b) Cross Boundary Geo-fencing. Please explain further on this and its purpose in tracking vehicle recovery / anti theft.

What it means is country boundary (area) defined within b'AT to monitor vehicle "moving out from". This is to prevent vehicles from being driven out of the country without authorization which may be due to professional thieves trying to smuggle them into neighbouring countries.

Please note that when the vehicles were smuggled into neighbouring countries, it would be very difficult for you to repossess as it involved country-to-country protocol and a lot of procedures and paper work required. Hence, the objective of the mentioned feature is to pre-alert the control center of such incident and to stop or recover the vehicle before it is smuggled into other countries.

  c) What does it mean by “remote immobilization in accordance with UN immobilization”? How does this work?

In accordance to Immobilizer Regulation (E/ECE/324, Rev.1/Add.96/Amend.1, E/ECE/TRANS/505):

  • Paragraph 6.5 – Immobilizer: If this facility (immobilizer), when fitted, has an influence on the ignition and/or the fuel supply system, measures shall be provided to avoid immobilization of the vehicle whilst the engine is in its running mode. This facility shall not impair the vehicle’s normal operation, even in the event of malfunction.
  • Paragraph 6.12.2 – Panic alarm: An optical and/or audible and/or radio alarm is allowed independent of the state (set or unset) and/or function of the VAS. Such an alarm shall be triggered from within the vehicle and shall not affect the state (set or unset) of the VAS. Also it must be possible for the vehicle user to switch off the panic alarm. In the case of an audible alarm, its sounding duration per activation shall not be restricted. A panic alarm shall not immobilize the engine or stop it if it is running.
  • Paragraph 31.4: It shall not be possible for an immobilizer to enter the set state when the vehicle or the engine is not in a stop condition.
  • Paragraph 31.4: An immobilizer shall be designed and built such that, when installed on a vehicle, according to the manufacturer's instructions, it cannot rapidly (not less than 5 min) and without attracting attention be rendered ineffective or destroyed by, e.g. the use of low cost easily concealed tools, equipment or fabrications readily available to the public at large. It shall be difficult and time consuming (not less than 5 min) to replace a major component or assembly in order to bypass the immobilizer.
  • Paragraph 31.12: An immobilizer may progressively reduce engine performance whilst the vehicle is in motion, provided the means to do so can be controlled instantaneously by an authorized enforcement officer in visual contact with the vehicle (immobilization after unauthorized use only).
  • Paragraph When an immobilizer is set in accordance with paragraphs 31.4 (c) or, the direction indicators and/or the passenger compartment lamp(s) shall flash until the immobilizer has been unset. Audible signals are not allowed. (Immobilization after unauthorized use only)

In the event that the vehicle is immobilized without complying with the above regulations, (such as cutting off the fuel pump immediately so that the vehicle would halt on the road that may cause casualties) it may cause the below:

  1. No reimbursement from the insurance coverage
  2. Cost of lost of life/property
  3. Government prosecution
  4. Law suit


  d) How is the internal battery powered?

The internal battery is at all times charged by the vehicle battery, and in the event the vehicle battery is tempered, the internal battery will automatically take over and power up the b'AT.


What is the advantage of a small and compact hardware?


When it is small and compact, it simply means it is easy to be hidden from sight. In other words, it is safe from being tampered.


What is an embedded GSM Antenna?


Embedded GSM antenna is referred to the internal GSM antenna, just like a mobile phone. Some mobile phones (GSM is a type of radio standard) have no external antenna, so that means it has an embedded antenna.


What is an embedded multiple geo-fencing?


It means we can configure many boundaries into the b'AT. In the event that the vehicle entered or left any of the boundaries, the b'AT will send an alert back to control center to inform about the geo-fencing violation exception.


What is an embedded failure safe self–recovery?


It means b'AT has the capability to automatically reset and recover from the failure due to system glitch at any unforeseen incidents.


What is a remote self diagnostics capability?


It means that we can verify the fitness of b'AT. In the event that any failures happened within the b'AT, it will report back to control center for necessary action to improve or recover it.


What is data logging?


It means b'AT can store detailed historical positions (journey) that have been travelled. It is capable to store up to 25,000 positions but we have set a limit to a maximum of 5,000 which is equivalent to 250km (assumed 50m/position)


What is a full subscription of ASP model?


It means the user just need to pay a monthly subscription fee and no need to purchase any backend (for both hardware and software applications). Hence ZERO up front investment.


Kindly explain the terms - hardware, firmware, software and system customization.


Hardware = Computer, server, networking & etc. that is tangible

Firmware = Like a software but it is only programmed within the embedded system. It is intangible. 

Software = It is intangible and runs in the PC, server & etc to perform certain tasks.

System Customization = Different companies have their own KPI, hence, we will need to modify some of the reports and software business logic (flow) to suit their company operation and to enable them to measure the KPI. When we do that, we have actually made system customization. 


What is a web-based management console?


It is actually a web-enabled portal service (management console is our product name).

Web-enabled = accessible via internet anytime or/and anywhere.


What is an Internet mapping?


It means a map display that can be viewed using Internet Explorer. User will be able to view the journey/location of the vehicle which is snap-shot from the satellite.

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Please explain layman's term if we were to employ a re-possessor, what is the extra device he needs to purchase to be disconnected from the system and to increase his efficiency?

He just needs to subscribe to b'CVO (BSMART COMMERCIAL VEHICLE OPERATION) Service which costs RM 350/month. We will provide him with b’AT and b’DT (driver terminal). In which, he will automatically receive a job order (from SFB if there are any vehicles needed to be reprocessed) when he logs on (just like an access card, when you go to the office, u just need to task the reader and the system will know u have arrived) via his ibutton ID. The job order scheduled for him will automatically be dispatched to him with details on where the vehicle is, and hence, the recovery process of the vehicle will be in shorter time, hence his efficiency will be increased/improved.

Based on the above, we can also determine how efficient is the reprocessor, how quick did he respond to the job order, how many jobs can he complete within a day or month or etc. From the reports, SFB can then analyse and improve the recovery process.

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Can you explain further on the anti-theft device?

BSMART anti-theft device (A300) is fitted inside the (private) vehicle and thedriver is given an ibutton (the durable MicroCan package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture & shock contact ID) as Driver ID for rightful owner recognition purposes.  The device is built-in with a long lasting internal battery which ensures operation even when the battery is tampered.

A300 comes with immobilizer capability. It can immobilize the vehicle if the vehicle is ignited (started) without any valid driver ID. In this very unlikely event, the control center can immobilize the stolen vehicle.

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What is the difference between CVO and Anti-theft?

BSMART A300 has concurrent GSM and GPS positioning capabilities and it works for all services that we offer such as Anti Theft, CVO, etc.

The difference between CVO and Anti-Theft is the driver compliance monitoring capability, i.e. speed limit, no go zone (geo-fencing), 2-way messaging (for both sms and voice), harsh brake, hard acceleration, etc.

The main difference between the two services is that b’CVO is rental- based (users need to pay monthly rental as long as they use the service) while users of Anti-Theft need to purchase the A300.

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