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  How to install BSMART Anti-Car Theft Services (b'ACT)?  
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BSMART Anti Car Theft Services (b'ACT)


Technology is vital when it comes to developing advanced and amazing services. In BSMART Anti-Car Theft Services, technologies that are developed to thwart any unlawful getaway. They include:

  • Web-enabled Management Console – The total web enabled solutions make b’ACTS a truly regional service.

  • Digital Driver Recognition
    A rugged data carrier embedded with 64 bits electronic registration number for automatic identification to further enhance the car security and to detect unauthorized vehicle ignition.

  •  Dynamic Invisible Geo-Fencing – A capability that automatically switches to ‘armed’ when the vehicle is parked and locked to activate immediate protection. Any unauthorized movement of the car will send an alert to us.
  • Dynamic Embedded ‘Cross-boundary Geo-Fencing’ – A capability that enables alerts to be activated when pre-defined boundaries - including country boundaries - are breached.

  • Remote Immobilization – A capability to thwart any unlawful getaway of the stolen vehicle.
  • Real-Time Tracking – b’ACT is integrated to a 24-hour real-time tracking mechanism with web-based digital mapping of vehicle mobility.