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BSMART Anti Car Theft Services (b'ACT)

What is BSMART Anti-Car Theft Services?

When you purchase a car, the most common worry that bothers you is the effectiveness of your car’s anti-theft system. As such, it is vital that your car is equipped with a highly capable and advanced anti-car theft device to keep your car safe from any potential thefts.

Click the link below to watch an interesting clip on the importance in protecting your precious car, as reported in ASTRO.

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  Why you should protect your car? (7.3MB)

BSMART Anti-Car Theft Services (b’ACT), commercially offered as TRAC, is designed on a high performance and versatile proprietary BSMART Mobility Services Platform (b’MSP), provides continuous:

  • Early Warning Car Alarm capability to alert and monitor unauthorized vehicle ignition or movement;
  • Regional Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services to locate vehicle’s location in real time and remotely immobilizes the vehicle in accordance to UN Immobilization Regulation
  • Financial Aid in the very unlikely event, of which the vehicle suffered total loss, to reduce vehicle owner’s financial burden via Least Gap Cover.