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Download b'CVO Technical E-Brochure
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BSMART Bus Operation System & Services (b’BOSS)

What is BSMART Bus Operation System & Services

Bus Operation System & Services (b’BOSS) is a service oriented platform that focuses on Key Performance Index (KPI) monitoring for public transport bus operations. It is the outcome of the extensive research and experience in the area of public transport and designed to address the operation dilemma faced by transport owners today. b’BOSS offers innovative approach to monitor and analyze performance and service quality of bus operation that will enable fleet owners to improve their staff productivity and operation efficiency which prove to be the major contributor of profit enhancement. With a 3 tiers System Architecture developed from an Open Source Platform, b’BOSS is a centralized and secured web enabled services oriented platform to facilitate real time management, monitoring, control and analysis of bus operation. All online modules of b’BOSS offer unique reports and monitoring capabilities along with varying analysis charts that not only make the management of bus operation much easier but also save the overall operation cost. All the components of b’BOSS are integrated together and complement each other. Each of the components represents a unique characteristic which eases the process of operation. Each component comprises of different modules containing related reports to assist the operation and management team. The details of each module are also provided in the section of “how does b’BOSS work?”