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Download b'CVO Technical Product E-Brochure
Download b'CVO Technical E-Brochure
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BSMART Taxi Operating System Services (b'TOSS)

How does b’TOSS work?

Basically, there are 2 portions to the b’TOSS:

1. Dispatching center
The operators will enter the customer details into the system. System will take job orders and assign them to the available vehicles. This job dispatch is done automatically and without any user intervention. All jobs are monitored by the system and the operators will be notified of any exceptions. Operators can concentrate on handling more bookings.   

2. Driver terminal
This is the display terminal that allows the driver to see the dispatched job details and choose the appropriate action. The driver terminal can also be configured to allow for 2 way voice communications between the driver and control room.

Other capabilities of the system are as follows:

  • Display Historical Journey via GoogleEarth
    Owner can access journey report via Google Earth.

  • Display Vehicle position over Mobile Phone
    Owner can check the latest vehicle position over mobile phone via “SHOW ME MY VEHICLE” (SMMV) SMS Inquiry. Owner will receive a “sms push” printed with vehicle location in text and vehicle position will be overlaid over a satellite map.