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Download b'CVO Technical Product E-Brochure
Download b'CVO Technical E-Brochure
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BSMART Taxi Operating System Services (b'TOSS)

Why do you need b’TOSS?

b’TOSS provides a highly integrated and elegant dispatching and monitoring solution to its users. This allows them to focus on improving their front end services which means better response time and service to their customers. Most of the back end hassle of having to schedule, monitor and manage dispatches is already done by b’TOSS, which will allow the operators to concentrate on handling more jobs, faster. Also, our web based service means that there are no servers to buy and maintain, and re-locating the system is quick and easy. Other competitor systems require heavy hardware investment and upkeep.      

How b’TOSS can help you:

Productivity, efficiency and safety

  • Detailed transaction report. Allows control center to view and monitor the movement of drivers. Clicking on any latitude, longitude location will display the vehicle on a digital map.
  • Passengers record. Know the volume of your business and other key information about customer habits.
  • Operating reports (driver working hours, number of passengers).
  • Display terminal in the vehicle allows driver to see the job details. The old method of manually writing down the job details can be dangerous and often inaccurate if done while driving.
  • Reduce dead miles, which means that drivers will get higher returns per every mile driven.
  • Automate the scheduling, dispatching and monitoring of bookings. This automated process greatly reduces the stress and workload of the operator. Mistakes are significantly reduced because of this.
  • Keep track and improve on your business KPI such as response time, passenger volume, cancelled bookings, and many more.

Services Quality

  • Efficient booking response with CADS
  • Traceability of vehicles / customer complaints (In–transit detailed report)
  • Battery level monitoring and SMS notification when its lower than the defined voltage level
  • ‘Where Is My Vehicle’ SMS inquiry allows the authorised users or supervisor to check on the whereabouts of a taxi through mobile phone.

Improved Service

  • Higher customer satisfaction due to improved response time.
  • Ability to allow the driver to address the customer by name, which gives a highly personalised service.
  • SMS booking confirmation allow customers to feel confident and safe in the knowledge that a particular taxi has been assigned. Also, since every booking is recorded and tracked, passengers know that the taxi driver will be more responsible and honest.